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Using Your Vision Benefits is Easy

Take a look at  your benefit allowances, deductibles and frequencies.​

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Online In-network Options is an in-network online eyewear store – which means you won’t have to pay the full price now, then wait to be reimbursed later. Your vision benefits will be applied directly to your online order. Eyeconic FAQ

  • VSP is accepted by more than 23,000 doctors nationwide and more than 8,000 retails chains including Costco Optical, Pearle Vision, VisionWorks and Eyecare Centers.
  • 91% of VSP doctors offer early morning, evening or weekend hours
  • You can browse and buy eyewear online at with network benefits


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  • 20% off remaining frame balance after benefit allowance
  • Extra $20 to spend on featured frame brands
  • 20-25% off non-covered lens options such as UV coating & polycarbonate. Learn more about lens types.
  • 20% off non-covered complete prescription glasses
  • 15% off the usual and customary price, or 5% off the promotional price, for LASIK or PRK through VSP and a contracted laser surgery center.​ To receive the benefit, a VSP provider must coordinate the procedure. Getting started is simple; just follow these steps.   FAQ

You have the freedom to visit any vision provider. However, your benefit dollars go further when you visit a network provider.​

Find a provider who’s right for you. 

Go to, or call 800-877-7195. 

Schedule an appointment.

If needed confirm they are a VSP  network provide.

No ID card is necessary.​

If requested, find your ID card in your online member account. 

That’s it.

The provider will handle the rest, and even submit your claim for you.​

Based on applicable laws, reduced costs may vary by doctor location​

With Exclusive Member Extras, savings never looked so good. VSP puts it's members first by providing exclusive special offers from leading industry brands, totaling more than $2,500 in savings.

Big Value. More Savings with VSP.

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Your Ameritas Focus plan includes extra discounts on the latest designer frames, an in-network online store and exclusive VSP member extras that save you money on everything from eye exams to multiple lens enhancements.​

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