Ameritas Dental Benefits

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Using Your Dental Benefits is Pain Free

See any dentist  


Your Ameritas dental plan allows you and your family members to receive care from any licensed dental provider, regardless if they are in- or out-of-network. You do not need to switch providers. Family members do not need to see the same dentist.​




Save money


Dentists in the Ameritas network have agreed to a contracted fee. They charge you 25-50% less than their regular rates. Many of them also offer discounted fees on non-covered dental services as allowed by state law. Out-of-network providers have not agreed to offer discounts and will charge their regular rates.

Avoid paperwork 


When visiting Ameritas dental network providers, there are no claim forms to submit. Our providers handle everything, and they may even submit claims electronically for a quicker turnaround. All you need to do is make the appointment and show up. Out-of-network dentists may also submit claims as a courtesy.

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Know What's Covered

Dental Health Report Card


Find out where your dental health stands and how to improve it.  After 12 months of using your dental benefits, Ameritas will provide you with a dental health report card. It was developed through the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry and includes feedback on your dental health status and dental care tips specific to you.​

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It’s good to know what your dental plan covers before taking a seat in the dentist’s chair. If you learn that you need a dental procedure,  you can use our Dental Cost Estimator to get an idea of what an out-of-network general dentist may charge based on ZIP Code and dental procedure. Access it through your secure member account. 


You also may ask your dentist’s office to submit a pretreatment estimate so you can see exactly how a proposed service would be processed and avoid any surprises.

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The Ameritas Dental Network is one of the five largest in the nation. Dentists in the Ameritas network have agreed to charge you 25-50% less than their regular rates. Many of them also offer discounted fees on non-covered dental services as allowed by state law and there are no claim forms to complete.


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Exceptional Network

Your dental plan offers benefits for preventive care, minor and major restorative services, orthodontics and benefit incentives.​​

Your dental plan offers benefits for preventive care, minor and major restorative services, orthodontics and benefit incentives.​​​

Ameritas Vision Benefits

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Learn more about your plan coverage.

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Your Ameritas Focus plan includes extra discounts on the latest designer frames, an in-network online store and exclusive VSP member extras that save you money on everything from eye exams to multiple lens enhancements.​

​Enrollment Information


Regular employees who work at least 20 hours per week, or 50% FTE, and who are included in payroll/benefit classifications designated by Cornell are eligible to apply for coverage under the Group Dental Insurance Plan. Your spouse (or domestic partner) and children are eligible. Children may be covered through December 31 of the year in which their 26th birthday occurs.


After you select your plan, there are several types of coverage in which you may enroll:

  • Employee Only Coverage (Individual)
  • Employee and Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • Employee and Child(ren)
  • Family


Please Note: New employees have 60 days from the date of hire to enroll. If you experience a qualified event (i.e. marriage), you must enroll within 60 days. Once you enroll, unless you experience a change in family status, you cannot stop or change your election until the next annual open enrollment period. Changes in family status include but are not limited to, birth, marriage, divorce, termination, dependent death.


A calendar year, January 1 through December 31, is the basis for your deductibles, maximums and coinsurance levels. During the first year you are insured, your calendar year is from your effective date through December 31 of that year.


Effective Date of Coverage: Changes made during Open Enrollment will be effective January 1. Outside of Open Enrollment, your benefits will become effective on the first day of the pay period after your date of hire or qualified event (i.e. marriage, divorce). If your date of hire or qualified event is the first day of the pay period, your effective date is the date of your hire/qualified event


Choice Network


  •  20% off the remaining frame balance after benefits are applied.
  • 40% off non-covered complete pairs of prescription glasses, in case you want an extra pair.

  • Special pricing on lens upgrades such as UV coating & polycarbonate lenses and 20% off non-covered materials.

  •  15% average off retail price for LASIK or PRK laser vision correction, or 5% off promotional price, at U.S Laser Network locations. 

    • Free LASIK exam and special member per-eye prices of $695-$1,395 for LASIK and $1,895 for custom LASIK, when using a LasikPlus featured provider.           FAQ

Based on applicable laws, reduced costs may vary by doctor location​

The EyeMed Insight network gives covered members and their dependents access to more than 98,000 providers. Find an EyeMed provider.


The EyeMed Insight Network includes:

  • 57% independent providers
  • 17% national retail providers
  • 25% regional retail providers



Find a Provider

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Online In-network Options

You can use your in-network EyeMed benefits online to purchase contact lenses by visiting Contacts DirectLensCrafters or Target Optical. To purchase glasses online, visit or Target Optical.​

Using Your Vision Benefits is Easy

Find a provider who’s right for you. 

Go to, or call 866-289-0614. 

Schedule an appointment.

If needed confirm they are a EyeMed network provide.

Access your ID card anytime.​

If requested, find your ID card via 

That’s it.

The provider will handle the rest, and even submit your claim for you.​

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You have the freedom to visit any vision provider. However, your benefit dollars go further when you visit a network provider.​

Contact EyeMed


Monday - Saturday  7:30am - 11pm

Sunday  11am - 8pm (EST)

Plan Comparison


You have three dental plan options, Plan A+, Plan A and Plan B. Below is an overview of the three plans and links to view detailed plan comparisons.


Plan Details: 


Coverage: Coverage and deductibles vary according to the plan you choose and the procedures you receive. An overview is available in the plan overview brochure listed above. Details are also listed on this site.

Covered Expenses: Expenses will be covered only for procedures performed by a dentist or dental hygienist. These expenses are subject to the “Dental Plan Limitations and Exclusions” listed in the brochure. If two or more procedures can be used as an appropriate treatment to correct a certain condition, the amount of the covered expense will be the charge for the least expensive procedure.

Expenses Incurred: An expense is incurred at the time the service is rendered or a supply is furnished; the impression is made for an appliance or change to an appliance; the tooth or teeth are prepared for a crown, bridge or gold restoration; or the pulp chamber is opened for root canal therapy.

Dental Plan Information


Plan A+

Plan A

Plan B




Who Can Enroll? All employees participating in any of the group dental insurance plans (Plan A+, Plan A, Plan B) receive the vision benefit at no additional cost. The benefit pays specified expenses for frames and lenses, or for contact lenses, for the employee and his or her eligible dependents.


An employee must enroll in the group dental insurance plan to receive the vision benefit.

Vision Plan Details - Available on all plans

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With SoundCareSM, you can receive a wellness benefit that helps protect and preserve your ability to hear. Plan A+ covers a comprehensive hearing exam and 50% of a hearing aid cost up to the maximum amount listed below. The benefit amount is progressive, increasing over time based on your effective date.


Once you use your hearing aid coverage at any level, you become re-eligible for the benefit, at the $800 per ear benefit maximum, after five years as long as there is no break in coverage. A reduced benefit is available after three years if your hearing suffers deterioration the current aids can’t correct, as long as there is no break in coverage.

Hearing aid maintenance benefit: You are eligible for up to a $40 allowance per benefit period. This benefit is designed to cover maintenance, batteries, service contracts, fittings, ear molds, and repairs.

SoundCare members pay no deductible for hearing exams, hearing aids, or hearing aid maintenance. iHear may be used in conjuction with Soundcare Benefits.​

Ameritas Hearing Benefits

SoundCare Plan Details - Available with Plan A+